Death And Grief Reading

I experienced the death of a beloved friend and colleague of several years. I’m using the Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela along with Joyce Eakins (the U.S.. A draw, believing this is actually the card connected with my Sun sign, Sagittarius. 3. What joined us? I think we had been connected via subconscious effects that brought us to some relationship that is heart-to-heart. The link was profound and strong. 4. Did our marriage stand? I really don’t know for sure exactly what the founder of the spread intended by”signal” but I’m translating it “zodiac sign” In the machine I use, The Hierophant is related with the signal Taurus (my first Moon sign). Taurus is an Earth sign, that indicates marriage in the physical universe.

We have been brought together originally by our tasks within an institution (“the institution” occasionally represented by The Hierophant). My buddy’s sun sign, Libra is also ruled by Venus. The Hierophant is occasionally connected to the astrological 9th House, the home of philosophy and faith (along with the home linked together with all my sun sign, Sagittarius). All this makes sense. 5. What is gone? How could someone’s departure imply that”Death” is finally gone? I’m reminded of the Biblical verse which reads,”O death, where is thy sting? The specter of death that had dangled over my buddy because her diagnosis of cancer April has been gone. That doubt concerning the transformation, that threat is of any issue for her. Her departure is finished.

  1. What remains for me? 7. Which force accompanying and is shielding me? The power that communicates and protects me is that the power of contemplation, withdrawal, and escape. I’m called to go into a tarot state where I will go through the silence hear and I want to see truths that were deeper. 8. Which compel conveys the dead person? Titled”Many Tongues” in the particular deck, this card reflects the value of letting go of outdated things or systems where you once thought. As the winds of change sweep through and over my buddy, her soul will learn how to express itself at a new language and in ways that are new.