Few Identity Terms Used While Dealing with Transgenders

You can describe the transgender people in number of ways and therefore while dealing with them it is important that one should be familiar with all those terms that are associated with such group of people.

Quite possible you may be interested to spend a night with a  shemale in the City of Love  if you ever happen to be in Paris. Since, people’s ideas about these transgender people are so complex and as a result, it has given rise to a number of labels while communicating with them.

However, it is essential that you must treat them with respect while dealing with them as they too are one of us. It will be wrong to offend them by using any inappropriate word used for them.

Following are few identity terms used for the genders:

  1. Cisgender

Gender declared during birth as either boy or girl and the person wants to identify them as same gender all throughout his or her life is known as cisgender.

  1. Cross-dresser

Suppose a male person often prefers to wear the dress of female and tries to entertain people by identifying him as female is known as cross dresser.

  1. Drag king

A female who tries to exhibit male behaviour and also dress like a man in order to entertain people in the bar, club or restaurant are called drag king.

  1. Drag queen

Similarly, if a male person tries to act like a female and dress or behave like a female again for entertaining people in the bar, club or restaurants.

  1. Gender dysphoria

These groups of people may not be happy with the gender that was assigned to them during birth and feel that they are not in right gender and needs treatment.

  1. Gender fluidity

This can happen to both male as well as female. They sometime feel themselves as the opposite sex of their own and sometime also identify them as a genderqueer.

  1. Gender nonconforming

If a person’s expression of gender doesn’t fit inside the traditional female or male categories and sometimes also called as a gender binary.

  1. Genderqueer

These group of people do not prefer to identify themselves either as a female or as male and often they are referred as gender nonconforming or genderqueer.

  1. Gender non-binary

If a gender identity of a person doesn’t fit inside the traditional female or male categories and sometimes also called as gender binary.

  1. Intersex

This general term is used for number of conditions where person is born having reproductive/sexual anatomy which doesn’t fit typical male or female definition.

Intersex person is often assigned either female/male sex during birth through surgery.

  1. Transgender

This is a general term usually used for those people whose gender identity differs from what was assigned to them during their birth.

  1. Transgender man

People who were born as female with that sex organ, but their gender identity is as a man. People who were surgically assigned their sex may also fall under this category

  1. Transgender woman

People who were assigned as male with male sex organ but identify themselves as female and also prefer to be a female.