Ordered NY Steak Supper in Santa Fe Casino Grand Cafe. After eating a pig that was larvae was found by several bites in meals. The manager said pick desserts in front then this was still paid for by us. No settlement. Very disgusting. There Was A Larvae Worm Maggot In My Food in the Santa Fe Hotel & Casino Station Grand Cafe on November 18, 2019! I am past disgusted with everything happened. I purchased the NY Steak meal that is composed of beef, mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli. I took a couple of bites out of all the food on my plate before noticing a worm that was larvae about the mashed potatoes and broccoli that has been on my spoon which I was going to consume.

Chad that the Executive Chef came out to apologize and educated it was likely the broccoli wasn’t properly washed leading 토토사이트 to serving me that the client that the plate of food like a parasitic pig. That was frightening as the broccoli is the food onto my plate before finding that worm, I swallowed the maximum to listen to!

There were approximately 4-5 major parts of broccoli and I ate nearly all of it except for the very last bit of broccoli due to exactly what I discovered. Before the personnel and the supervisor on duty took off the plate of food, so I’d take some photographs as proof and I did file a report . My mom was eating by me and she purchased the salmon meal comprising poultry, broccoli and rice!

Because we did not look through it carefully we are unaware if there were any worms in her food and they had removed both of our dishes of food back . She said all she can do is offer complimentary dinner comps back in the exact same Grand Cafe for NEXT time, although if there would be any reimbursement, I asked the supervisor. We have an interest or no desire to eat at that cafe because it is so disgusting after finding what I found in my food! We weren’t provided to fulfill any reports, we needed to ask it. In the long run, Karizma the supervisor did permit us to select some desserts which were new from the front cashier screen.